Roofing Slates

Roof slates supplied throughout Staffordshire and Cheshire

Looking for some new roof slates for your home? Are you a roofer in need of supplies? At Capital Roofing Centre, we only stock roof slates from the country’s top suppliers and can deliver them to you six days a week.

Here are some the suppliers we deal with:

Yates & Co.

Yates & Co are distributors for every type of natural roofing slate produced in the UK. In addition, they supply top grade quality blue/grey and blue/black Spanish slates and green roofing slates from North America. In particular they are stockists for Villar del Rey blue/black roofing slates from Spain, and also for the Vermont Green slates in three shades from the Evergreen Slate Quarries in Vermont, North America.


Sandtoft have created a unique range of slates made from either natural clay; fired in a permanent slate colour; or recycled slate that puts a whole new perspective on using natural materials. Sandtoft’s innovative range of interlocking slates combines the good looks of a natural product with the
practicality and economics of interlocking tile design. These slates offer
significant labour and weight savings over traditional double lap slate.

Marley fibre cement and concrete

Marley Eternit’s fibre cement and concrete interlocking slate range provides the charm of a slated roof with the economical, functional and environmentally friendly attributes of modern slate technology.

The Rivendale, Birkdale, Thrutone and Garsdale fibre cement slates are lightweight, strong and durable. In addition, Marley Eternit’s fibre cement slates are the only product of their kind that can achieve an A+ rating in the BRE’s Green Guide to specification.

The Edgemere and Duo Edgemere concrete interlocking slate range offers single lap slating solutions that are quick and easy to install.

Both ranges closely resemble the appearance of natural slate.