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Injectors are a vital component within the Common Rail system, responsible for delivering an exact amount of fuel, at high pressure, with precision timing. It is therefore essential that any fault within an injector is rectified immediately.

The advanced technology used within Common Rail injectors has meant that the new units are significantly more costly than traditional units. This makes repair of Common Rail injectors an attractive option for the garage and vehicle owner alike. The price for the end-user is reduced whilst the margins for the garage can be increased.

High quality repairs for Common Rail injectors are offered exclusively by the Delphi Common Rail specialists.

We are therefore in a unique position to carry out this highly specialist repair activity for the following reasons:
Contamination in the injector, caused by even the most miniscule particle, can lead to product failure. Delphi Common Rail specialists have invested in their premises and specific equipment to ensure that repair is carried out in a totally clean environment.

Every Delphi Common Rail injector is allocated its own specific ‘C21’ code. This 16-digit code relates to the precise performance of each individual injector and the vehicle will only perform to a high standard of the correct code is programmed to the vehicle ECU. Only Delphi Common Rail specialists have the test equipment and dedicated software required to generate this C21 code and then write it to the ECU.

Distribution of Original Equipment (OE) repair parts is exclusive to the authorised Delphi repair specialist and therefore this network alone can offer OE quality repairs. The fine tolerances involved in Common Rail means that there is an extremely high risk associated with repairs carried out with none-genuine parts.