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For quality roofing supplies Stoke you can rely on the professional expertise of the leading roofing product specialists at Capital Roofing Centre Ltd. Providing first class roofing material in Stoke to the trade and domestic customers-that includes the leading brands in roofing tiles-they are well equipped to deal with your enquiry.

Capital Roofing Centre Ltd operate throughout Staffordshire and Cheshire, providing a dedicated 6 days a week service that delivers to your destination swiftly and effectively. When you require the very best roofing supplies in Stoke, roofing material and the very best quality roofing tiles, call Capital Roofing Centre on 01782 287 515.

Looking for Top Quality Roof Slates in Rugeley for Your Roofing Project?


Looking for roof slates in Rugeley and its environs?

Affordable, Top Quality Roofing Supplies in Ashbourne for Your Roofing Project Needs


When buying roofing supplies in Ashbourne, wouldn’t it be nice to just make one stop?

Keep Warm and Dry this Winter with Roofing Insulation in Uttoxeter


If you have access to affordable roofing insulation in Uttoxeter, weatherproofing your home is made significantly easier.

Flat Roof Products in Sandbach


We stock the best brands of flat roof products in Sandbach and the surrounding area.

Roofing Material in Uttoxeter


Everything you will need to repair or replace a roof.

Fascias and Soffits in Knutsford


Fascias and soffits in Knutsford are simple roof fixtures that play important roles in maintaining the integrity of a roof.

Roofing Insulation in Rugeley


Choosing the correct roofing insulation in Rugeley is essential to the performance and longevity of the roof.

Flat Roof Products in Sandbach


We supply all necessary flat roof products in Sandbach for professional roofing companies or DIY enthusiasts.  

Marley Eternit in Burton


The ever reliable and popular Marley Eternit in Burton is one of the most respected and renown roofing material suppliers.

Roofing Material in Wilmslow


You’ll likely need roofing material in Wilmslow if you’re currently in the process of building a roof. Capital Roofing is your number one choice for