Sandtoft Roof Slates in Uttoxeter

Sandtoft Roof Slates in UttoxeterAre you wondering why you should install Sandtoft roof slates in Uttoxeter? Sandtoft roof slates are a unique range made from natural clay or from recycled clay. The former is fired into a permanent slate colour and the latter utilises natural materials. There are two types of Sandtoft roof slates available: Britlock and Rivius. Britlock is an interlocking slate that is lightweight, manufactured from 80% recycled slate. It is available in single-lap design with a covering capacity of 11.7 meters squared, allowing for easier and faster fixing, fewer tiles per square meter and reduced loading on the roof. In addition to saving on carbon emissions, BritLock slates are easy to transport and install. Most slates are sourced from overseas, whereas BritLock slates are quarried from UK sources. These slates are ideal for diverse installations such as for apartment block, residential developments, schools, hotels and churches. Due to the BritLock’s double lap, interlocking design, the slates do not have to be holed and graded. This saves time and material. BritLock slates are accredited by the British Board of Agrement. The Rivius Slate is another innovative Sandtoft roof slate. It has dressed edges and a riven surface, which gives a natural, authentic slate appearance. Manufactured from alluvial clay with a ceramic finish, Rivius slate resembles natural clay but can be installed in half the cost. It has a weatherproof, high performance design and is manufactured to strict Environmental Management Standards ISO 14001.

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