Sandtoft in Newcastle Under Lyme

Sandtoft in Newcastle Under LymeSandtoft in Newcastle Under Lyme can be used to tile new roofs. The tiles manufactured by Sandtoft include a number of different materials like slate looking, clay or concrete and are one of the leading brand names for tiles in the UK. Their range of tiles includes very ornate clay tiles as well as handmade plain clay tiles. They have a range of slate appearance tiles that come in a variety of colours, red, blue, grey and charcoal to enhance any home. Many of the slate appearance tiles are manufactured from concrete and have all the benefits of modern interlocking design. The concrete plain tile design has been used since the 17th century and is eminently suitable for roofing old buildings to keep the charm and character of the original building.

When you are looking for tiles in Newcastle Under Lyme, Sandtoft are one of the best known and respected tile manufacturers. They have a well earned reputation for supplying a quality product whether it is clay or concrete. We are proud to be able to offer Sandtoft products to our clients especially since the concrete tiles contain a minimum of 10 % recycled waste concrete and have a high quality polymer coating for superior, longer lasting colours. These tiles are very cost effective and are very durable and long lasting. They are stylish and elegant and offer trmendous value for money.

We stock Sandtoft in Newcastle Under Lyme. Contact Capital Roofing today to order your new roof tiles. We supply roofing products to professional roofers as well as DIY enthusiasts and will find the right tile in the matching colour you need for a roof repair. We supply skylights as well as guttering and all the other necessary materials to ensure a successful roof repair or installation. We offer a delivery service to your door six days a week including Saturdays whether the order is for 200 or 20,000 tiles. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right tiles for your project.