Roofing Supplies in Uttoxeter

Roofing Supplies in UttoxeterWhether you are a DIYer or a professional roofer or builder, having a reliable source of roofing supplies in Uttoxeter is essential. You want to know that when you need roofing slates, tiles or breather membranes, you can get them without a long waiting time. If you are a DIYer, and you’re not completely sure what you need, you want to have a source that can point you to the best materials for the project you are undertaking.

It will be helpful to make sure your source has high quality supplies to offer as well. In Uttoxeter, roofing supplies are available through Capital Roofing. We only stock supplies from the top suppliers in the industry, so you can be assured you are getting the very best for your project. We make deliveries six days a week, so you have the materials when you need them. Some of the suppliers we work with include Yates & Co. for roofing slate. We offer natural slate produced in the UK, Spanish slates and green roofing slates from North America. We also offer Sandtoft slates, made from either natural clay, or recycled slate. These products offer labour and weight savings over traditional slate. Marley Eternit fibre and concrete interlocking slate is another brand we offer. These products provide the charm and appeal of a slated roof that is both economical and environmentally friendly. We also provide a wide range of breather membranes that are available for same day or next day delivery.

When you need roofing supplies in Uttoxeter, Capital Roofing also offers a wide variety of roofing tiles. We supply Marley Eternit tiles, Redland, Sandtoft tiles, Forticrete and Russell Roof Tiles. When you need top quality roofing supplies, contact Capital Roofing Centre. We work with all size orders and will deliver them to wherever you need them. You will be pleased with our service.