Roofing Material in Uttoxeter

Roofing Material in UttoxeterEverything you will need to repair or replace a roof. Our tiles can be made from clay or concrete as well as other materials.  Not only do they vary in size and design but also in colour.  Choice of tile depends largely on taste or if a repair is necessary then on the best match to the existing style and colour you can find.  We can find you the best option if you bring a sample tile. We can deliver anywhere from 200 to 20,000 tiles as well as facia, soffits and roofing timber.  We stock a wide variety of the top brands in roof tiles including MarleyEternit who have been supplying tile in the UK for over 75 years. Redlands, another of our top brands, have been in the business for over 80 years.

When building an extension on to your home in Uttoxeter, roofing materials need to conform to those of the original building as closely as possible. We will deliver your order of roof materials on either the same day or the next day so that you will have very little downtime.  We know that your roof has got to be strong and resilient as well as very durable as it is all that holds the rain and weather out of your home or business. Some of our tiles are made with 10 % recycled waste concrete from fines leftover from course grade crushing.  We are sure that with our extensive range of tiles they will be just the material suitable for your project.

We supply a formidable range of roofing material in Uttoxeter which is an affordable and necessary part of your home. Contact Capital Roofing today and order your roofing material for repairs. Whether you are a professional roofing company or a DIY enthusiast we have all the items necessary to successfully complete your roofing project.  We supply roofing slates as well as skylights and guttering and will deliver to your site 6 days a week. We are efficient and reliable and are used by numerous professional roofing companies in the area.