Roofing Insulation in Rugeley

Roofing Insulation in RugeleyChoosing the correct roofing insulation in Rugeley is essential to the performance and longevity of the roof. Ideally, roofing insulation integrates with the roofing system to perform as a whole. For this to happen, you need to know the type and material of the roof, the local fire codes, energy requirement codes and finally the roof assembly that makes the insurance company happy and keeps premium rates down. So, while all roofing insulation products are useful, some will perform better than others with your specific roof system. Homeowners and roofing contractors can count on us at Capital Roofing to stock the many quality brands and type of insulation you are likely to need for your project.

Poor choice of insulation can be detrimental to your roofing system but trust us and our many years of experience to steer you towards the right choice. We stock all types of roofing materials at Capital Roofing including, in Rugeley, roofing insulation. The one you choose must be compatible with the waterproof membrane. The quality of the insulating material along with density and composition will determine the price you pay. But consider too that the higher quality products may mean you need less of the material. Therefore, we encourage you to not choose based on price alone. It can be misleading. Logistically speaking, the type of insulation you choose may depend on whether the building is a new build or you are looking to add more insulation to an existing roof.

Probably, the most common roofing insulation in Rugeley is loose fibreglass or cellulose, but foam and wool may be ideal depending on conditions. Take a look at radiant barriers made from aluminium sheets installed to cover the whole underside of the roof. Used in conjunction with traditional insulation which blocks cold in winter, aluminium sheeting will reflect the sun’s heat to keep your home cooler in summer months. There are many considerations when installing roofing insulation so contact Capital Roofing or stop by our store and let our staff assist you with your decision making.  We’re known for having what you need at the right price and superior customer service. We deliver in Staffordshire and Cheshire, including throughout the surrounding areas.