Premium Quality Roofing Insulation in Ashbourne for Trades and DIYers

Roofing insulation in Ashbourne How much does roofing insulation in Ashbourne figure into your plans for an energy efficient home? If the snow melts instantly on your roof, then you may want to make roof insulation a priority. It’s hard to believe that there are many older homes sporting bare timbers in the attic. A hundred years ago, when many homes were built, builders did not insulate the attic or the walls. That’s why they’re called draughty old houses. If you love your old house but not the draughty part, begin with your roof insulation. The roof insulation is between the surface of the roof and the decking. It acts as a protective layer to reduce heat loss during cold weather. Without proper insulation you will lose about 15% of your heat through the roof. That is quite a hit on your energy bill.

We have the right insulation for your new or replacement roof. In Ashbourne, roofing insulation can’t be added between the top surface and the decking in an existing roof.  The best thing to do in that case is insulate from underneath between the rafters in the attic space. When it’s time to replace your shingles and you’ve stripped the roof off down to the deck, add roofing insulation before replacing the shingles. If you have hired a roofing contractor, ask about the insulation he plans to use. We cater to the trades as well as do-it-yourselfers. We can supply you with the amount and type of roofing insulation for the job. We buy in volume from the best brand suppliers so we can offer the lowest prices.

Roofing insulation in Ashbourne is important to help you save on energy bills, but it serves other purposes. Roofs tend to expand and contract with temperatures. Good roof insulation will minimise the temperature changes and maintain a more consistent temperature. A layer of roof insulation will prevent condensation from seeping inside your home. That’s important because mould could result from that condensation. A layer of roof insulation, if it’s a well respected brand, will add fireproofing which increases your buildings fire rating. If you have questions about the best quality of roof insulation for your project, contact Capital Roofing. Our expert staff will steer you in the right direction.