Marley Eternit Slate Range in Congleton

Marley Eternit Slate Range in CongletonNothing can beat the appearance of some of the most attractive slate tiles from the Marley Eternit Slate Range in Congleton homes. Capital Roofing Centre is a company that offers some of the best roofing materials made out of slate.  Each of these products is designed with unparalleled expertise and quality. The company stocks four different types of roof slate tiles, each with its own unique characteristics. For example, their Garsdale line of roof slate tiles do not require wet-cutting and can be used for your home’s roof or even the façade. The tiles come with an A+ rating on the BRE’s Green Guide to Specification as well as a “Very Good” rating on the BREEAM and CFSH scales.  These qualifications are reassuring.

For homes and buildings in Congleton, the Marley Eternit slate range also has the Birkdale and Thurtone lines of fibre-cement slate tiles. While both come with a fifteen degree pitch angle capability,(made possible by the attached hooks), the Thurtone is also available in three different shapes and five eye-catching colours to choose from. Finally, there is the Rivendale fibre cement slate, another masterpiece from Marley Eternit, that can also be used on the roof and the façade as well. The material can be recycled completely and comes with a natural looking Riven surface finish. Easily one of the best materials you can find to line your roofs.

The advantage of picking something from the Marley Eternit Slate Range, in Congleton homes and buildings, is that these materials are extremely light compared to regular building materials, without compromising on strength. They are pleasing to look at and easy to install, and retain the elegance and look of natural slate.  Should you require the installation of any of these superior slate tiles, contact Capital Roofing Centre. With some of the most experienced professionals providing you with the most efficient services at the lowest costs, you won’t find someone better than Capital Roofing Centre to put a solid and attractive looking roof over your head!