Marley Eternit in Congleton

Marley Eternit in CongletonIf you have decided to use Marley Eternit in Congleton for your roofing needs, you will be using a product based on environmental best practices. The company has over 100 years of roofing expertise and is the UK’s leading roofing manufacturer. They were the first company to have their Life Cycle Assessment data verified and they were then awarded Certified Environmental Profiles by the Building Research Establishment. The company is committed to environmental excellence and sustainable manufacturing in an innovative market for roofing and cladding products.

When you are looking for environmentally friendly products for your home in Congleton, Marley Eternit products are available through Capital Roofing. We offer products to professional roofers as well as DIY enthusiasts. We have everything you will need to get your project done. We offer everything from roof tiles and slates to sky lights and guttering. We provide a delivery service 6 days a week, including Saturday. As a supplier of Marley Eternit products, we can help you select the type that is best for your project. If you need tile hoists, we also offer equipment hire. We have been supplying roofing products for over 10 years and have built our reputation by providing top quality products and excellent customer service.

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