John Brash in Uttoxeter

John Brash in UttoxeterIf you are looking for John Brash in Uttoxeter, contact Capital Roofing. As the only high grade roofing battens manufactured within the UK, they are quite popular. Better known as JB roofing, they are made using whitewood or redwood from Europe, and treated with either osmose or clearchoice. JB battens come in red or green, and despite their names, these two variants aren’t differentiated by colour. The difference is in how the wood is treated. Here at Capital Roofing, we have a bonafide supply of JB timber. We have battens, scaffold, cladding, shakes, shingles, and protective decks that prevent slippage. If you like, our delivery service will bring your timber order right where you are. We are open six days a week, and are available to deliver goods on Saturdays as well.

Aside from patriotism in Uttoxeter, John Brash timber is popular for other reasons. It comes with a sixty year guarantee due to its superior quality and trusted brand name. Earlier, we mentioned green and red battens. JB Green is processed using Osmose Naturewood, while JB Red gets the Protim Clearchoice treatment. Both these finishings keep the wood free from deterioration, pest infestation, and attacks by fungi. The treatments also give JB timber its distinctive look, feel, and style. It’s sturdy, safe, and attractive, making it a sought after building material. JB has been around for more than a century, and has acquired a reputation for class and quality that other brands are hard pressed to match.

JB is always in high demand, and here at Capital Roofing, we are key suppliers of John Brash in Uttoxeter. Our family business is driven by safety and efficiency, because keeping a roof over your head keeps a roof over our heads. Contact Capital Roofing and we’ll give you a free price estimate, including delivery. And we don’t just supply roofing materials. We also hire tile hoists and offer consultation services to both hobbyists and seasoned roofers. We’ve been in the roofing business for more than a decade, and we offer accessories, skylights, gutters, and much more, so speak to us today.