Flat Roof Products in Congleton

Flat Roof Products in CongletonCapital Roofing supplies flat roof products in Congleton for roofing contractors and do-it-yourself property owners. We carry only proven brands because we want our customers to have the best products for their projects. Maybe you have a flat roof garage that has started to leak. You do not want to do a whole tear off and replacement. You are hoping to fix the problem yourself to save some money. There is nothing wrong with that and Capital Roofing will help you. You will need to go up on the roof and make sure there is not structural wood damage. Then take an accurate measurement of the area. We will do a free estimate of material for you.

In Congleton, flat roof products offer choices. Our Capital Roofing team will help you decide what will work best for you. Some products are torch applied and others are cold applied. You might consider a Firestone Rubber system for several reasons. It will last a long time. The product comes in large lightweight and flexible sheets that are seamless. It adheres completely and it is cold applied, so no flame. Firestone rubber systems are economical and environmentally safe. Chesterfelt has pour and roll applications that are torch applied. Their bituminous multilayer product is good for new or refurbished roof applications. Alternatively, Polyglass has an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction. We will help you sort out your priorities and choose your best products.

Capital Roofing delivers flat roof products in Congleton six days a week. There is no long waiting time for delivery. You could have next day delivery right to your door. We will make sure to include any accessory products so there is no running to the store mid-job. In fact, if you want to put a sky window in that flat roof garage of yours, we have them for you. You need the right tool for the job to get it done right. Capital Roofing carries CMS specialised roofing tools and accessories. You can rent equipment from us to make the job easier. Capital Roofing has ten years of experience in the business. If you should need a little guidance during your roofing project, just give us a call. We will be glad to help. For more information about flat roof products, contact Capital Roofing.