Roofing Insulation in Newcastle Under Lyme

roofing insulation in Newcastle Under LymeDo you need roofing insulation in Newcastle Under Lyme? There are several different types of roofing insulation available for both the DIY enthusiastic and professional roofers. Wood fiber is an organic insulation board composed of wood, cane or vegetable fibers mixed with fillers and binders. Perlite insulation board is composed of non-organic expanded silicaceous volcanic glass, combined with organic fibers and binders. The top surface may include an asphalt coating or other coating formulates to limit adhesive absorption into the insulation. Polyisocyanurate is a closed-cell foam plastic between organic or in organic felt facers, glass fiber mat facers, or glass-fiber reinforced aluminum facers. Its insulating efficiency remains higher than other rigid insulation. Expanded polystyrene insulation consists of polystyrene polymer impregnated with a foaming agent. It expands when heated. There are several other types of insulation depending upon your requirements.

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Roofing insulation in Newcastle Under Lyme is available in many different types through Capital Roofing. Just let them know what type you need and they will get it for you. If you are not completely sure which type if best for your needs, they can give you expert advice on the most suitable insulation to use in for your project. For more information about affordable roofing insulation, contact Capital Roofing.