Felt Roofing Prices in Ashby de la Zouch

Felt Roofing Prices in Ashby de la ZouchCapital Roofing offers the best felt roofing prices in Ashby de la Zouch for top quality. For flat roofing, the felt layer is critical to the integrity of the roof. All roofing components have to be of the same high quality to expect total roof longevity. Our Felt underlayment come in different weights depending on the type of roof you are installing. In a built up roofing system we recommend our felt roofing to separate the top roof layer from the deck. Since it sheds water, it adds additional waterproofing. This is very useful because the felt comes in rolls and goes on quickly. Once applied, the felt alone will protect the roof deck until time to finish off the top layer of the roof. Skipping this step to save money could prevent a valid roof warranty.

While felt roofing materials are essential to new roofing installations, it’s just as important in reroofing. In Ashby de la Zouch, felt roofing prices is a poor excuse to skip this layer or use a less effective product. When you’re reroofing, the felt layer is the underlayment to help camouflage old nails and unevenness by acting as a cushion. The felt roofing products we sell are manufactured by the Chesterfelt Group. This is a company that has spent 40 years developing some of the finest roofing products available on the market today; including felt roofing. British owned and independent, Chesterfelt is personally invested in the quality of their products.

Since we like to go with the winners, felt roofing prices in Ashby de la Zouch for Chesterfelt products are more than competitive when compared to the prices of poorer quality brands. At Capital Roofing Centre, we depend on happy contractors and their happy clients. We stock a complete range of roofing products, accessories and tools whose quality and durability is based on known performance. Contact Capital Roofing and compare our prices and quality to that of other suppliers. We are staffed by professionals ready to answer your questions about any of our products and you can tell we are genuinely happy to do so. We deliver six days a week.