Felt Roofing in Stoke

Felt Roofing in Stoke Felt roofing in Stoke is needed because sometimes sweeping rains get past a missing or cracked tile and cause further damage to your roof. This felt lies between the actual roof and the house and provides a layer of protection from the elements. The felt provides a barrier between the wood sheathing on the roof and the roofing material. At Capital Roofing you can find everything you need to fix your own roof or if you are a professional roofer and need roofing material for a project. It doesn’t matter what type of product you’re looking for your roofing needs, whether it is trendy skylights or attractive tiles, we have it in stock. Bituminous waterproofing systems protect buildings and roofing felt is one type of membrane used in asphalt systems that we can provide.

Speak to one of our roofing specialists and get all the answers you need on the roofing materials you need. In Stoke, felt roofing is available in different types from Capital Roofing. Our experts can answer your questions about the felt’s weight and whether the felt is tear and fire-resistant. We aim to provide you with the most suitable felt roofing materials to ensure your project is a success. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and our efficient and reliable services. When you use our roofing felt, the roofing deck is protected and any resins that bleed from the roof’s wooden sheathing won’t harm your shingle roof. In fact, there are shingle manufacturers who require roofing felt for their warranty.

Felt roofing in Stoke is mostly rolled onto your roof in strips. At Capital Roofing we start at the bottom edge of the roof and then work our way up. For more information and guidance about felt roofing, be sure to contact Capital Roofing. We do everything carefully because we want to maintain our reputation as the professional roofers who provide the ultimate waterproofing for your roof. We have a number of different known brands of felt. These include Chesterfelt, Ruberoid, Polyglass, Delta and Kemperol. We will advise you on the most suitable for your needs.