Felt Roofing in Rugeley

Felt Roofing in RugeleyIf you are looking for felt roofing in Rugeley for your roofing project, when can assist you at Capital Roofing. As a layer of protection between the roof deck and the roofing shingles, it is an important part of installing or repairing a roof. We have a large stock of roofing materials to aid you in your roofing project. From tiles, fascias and soffits, guttering to felt roofing, you will find all the materials you need. Felt roofing has been known by various other names such as tar paper, rolled roofing, asp halt felt roofing, and felt paper. It’s highly effective in protecting the roof against rain and very quick and easy to install.

For your roofing project in Rugeley, felt roofing is affordable and can be used for both commercial and domestic buildings. We pride ourselves on our efficient service, and if you have any queries about felt roofing for your project, speak to us. We also provide a delivery service. When you order your felt roofing from us, we will deliver it to your front door,  6 days a week, including Saturdays. Regardless of whether you are a professional roofer or builder, or a DIY enthusiast, we are sure we can provide the right felt roofing for your roofing project.

A great benefit to felt roofing in Rugely is that it can also act as a temporary moisture barrier. For more information about how we can assist you with felt roofing, contact Capital Roofing. We can also offer advice on the best method for installing the felt roofing. Should you require assistance with the installation of the felt roofing, our skilled team can assist. Other than felt roofing, we offer breather membranes, roof tiles and roof slates. You will be pleased with our reliable service, quality products and affordable prices.