Fascias and Soffits in Tamworth

Fascias and Soffits in TamworthFascias and Soffits in Tamworth, as well as all other roofing material, will be delivered to your door by Capital Roofing Centre Monday through Saturday. If you need equipment for the job, you can rent it from us. Our material estimating service is free and so is our advice. Our roofing supply centre is the most customer friendly in the area. It does not matter if you are a contractor or a DIY homeowner, you will find we sell only the best roofing tiles, gutters, fascias, soffits and skylights. If you have a flat roof that needs replacing or restoring, we have the materials you need. We have been serving the area for ten years and during that time we have built an excellent reputation for fair pricing and dependable service.

In Tamworth, fascias and soffits from Capital Roofing are guaranteed because we sell Plaslyne cellular PVC products in standard sizes for installation in any roofline. If you are doing a full fascia replacement use the 16 mm in Square, Ogee, Bullnose or Flat design. For refurbishment, the 9 mm cover board is suitable. The square and ogee designs are best. We carry flat, vented, and hollow soffits in all sizes and finishes. Plaslyne products have stood the test of time. Over the last 28 years, they have continued to improve and expand their product line. All of their cellular PVC fascias and soffits are maintenance free.

Capital Roofing Supply Centre is proud to carry quality products like Plaslyne fascias and soffits in Tamworth. You can count on the same quality from all our roofing supplies. When we estimate your roofing material needs, we include all additional installation supplies. It is frustrating to show up to replace or repair a roof and find out the materials were not delivered as promised. The old roof is already in the dumpster. You are cooling your heels and making frantic phone calls while you try to explain the delay to the homeowner. That will not happen when you buy your roofing supplies from Capital Roofing Supply Centre. You can count on us for quality and dependability. For more information on fascias and soffits, contact Capital Roofing centre.