Affordable Felt Roofing in Sandbach

Felt Roofing in SandbachWould you like to know more about felt roofing in Sandbach? Felt roofing is also known by other names. It used to be called tar paper. It’s also called rolled roofing, asphalt felt roofing, and felt paper. Felt roofing is made up of a sheet that is ingrained with bitumen. This sheet may consist of felt, which is a non-woven fabric where the fibres are bound together by pressure. Felt roofing is also used to make roofing shingles and it has several other uses. It is extremely affordable for both residential and commercial buildings and ideal for sloping roofs. It is easy to install and is known to be highly effective in protecting the roof against rain and similar weather conditions. Its main disadvantage is that it is not very durable and has a life span of some 8-10 years. The biggest advantage is that it provides one extra barrier in extreme weather conditions when the top part of the roof suffers damage. It may also be a component for fire rating compliance as bitumen is combustible.

In Sandbach, felt roofing is available from Capital Roofing Centre. They can also recommend and supply the right kind of felt that is most suitable for your needs. This product is typically available in 100 feet square sheets which can be cut according to your requirements. It is extremely cost effective when compared to shingles or tiles. If aesthetics or design are not an issue, this is the ideal cover to protect your roof against rain. It can also be used on sheds, out-buildings or garages. There are different grades of felt roofing available and Capital Roofing can suggest the right one.

When you choose felt roofing in Sandbach, make sure that you use the services of a reputed, well-established firm like Capital Roofing. They can assist you with advice, installation and maintenance of your felt roofing. If you require more information about felt roofing, contact Capital Roofing Centre today.