Installing Roof Felt in Stafford

Installing Roof Felt in StaffordAre you considering installing roof felt in Stafford? Whilst you may be able to complete the installation process yourself, it is much more advisable to secure the services of a specialist roofing company. This will ensure that the felt is installed to a very high standard. The major benefit of having the felt installed by a specialist relates to strength and longevity. The felt roof will last longer and provide high levels of protection against the elements. If you install it yourself and overlook a certain aspect, the roof felt may become loose or damaged over a period of time. This will inevitably cost you money and time. A roofing specialist can install roof felt quickly and safely allowing you to spend time completing other tasks.

In Stafford, installing roof felt involves a number of important stages. The first stage of any installation process is preparation. It is extremely important that this stage is not overlooked. If you forget to include something in the preparation stage it can affect the quality of the roof and can increase the time it takes to install it. Aspects to consider during preparation include removing debris such as nails or wooden splinters, removing rotten pieces of wood, laying the flashing and marking out chalk lines. When this stage is complete, you can begin to start laying the felt. It is best to lay the felt when the weather is dry. Heavy rain during the installation process can affect the quality and strength of the felt. Ensure that the felt is layered and overlapping. This will improve the waterproof properties of the felt roof.

When installing roof felt in Stafford, you must also ensure that the felt is secure so it does not get blown away or move out of position. Secure the felt with nails across the wooden beams, starting at one end and working along to the other end of the roof. Some modern roof felt has a sticky surface which can be used to secure the felt and removes the need for nails. Contact Capital Roofing Centre for more information about installing roof felt.