High Quality Flat Roof Products in Knutsford for a Successful Project

flat roof products in KnutsfordWhen your reputation depends on quality flat roof products in Knutsford, you can depend on Capital Roofing. Any contractor in the building industry knows a dependable material supplier can save them time and money. Most roofing companies do not stock materials beyond what they have a need for in the near future. There’s no need to pay for your own warehouse space. We have what you need and we can get it right to your job site when you need it. That helps your cash flow too, because you’re not laying out cash for materials you may not use right away. It’s much more cost efficient to order what you need from us, either in the store or online. You can always call us to make sure what you need is in stock.

At Capital Roofing, we want to be your supply house. So in Knutsford, flat roof products that we stock are well recognised brands. Our exceptional customer service is standard. There is more to flat roofs than bitumen, although we do stock Chesterfelt bituminous for either roll or pour. We also stock their waterproofing membranes that are perfect for both new roofs and refurbishments. If you prefer a liquid resin based surface, we stock the best by Kemperol for specific applications. We also stock a full line of torch-on membranes, polyglass, Firestone rubber roofing systems for durability and GRP. Of course you can count on us for insulation, ancillary tools, trims and components.

Among the most popular flat roof products in Knutsford are the products added after the roof is completed. We carry Velux Sky Windows to bring the natural light into homes and work spaces. They are so easy to install because Velux makes them that way. Each is a complete kit with careful instructions. If you are a do-it-yourself homeowner, contact Capital Roofing about your flat roof replacement or repair. We’ll steer you in the right direction for your job and answer all your questions. Our job is to supply the best quality in roofing products at the lowest possible price.