Felt Roofing in Crewe

Felt Roofing in CreweFelt roofing in Crewe is about the use of an underlay below other building materials. Felt is commonly used for flat roofs, ensuring that this kind of roofing is safe and reliable. The Capital Roofing Centre supplies felt roofing as well as all roofing materials throughout Staffordshire, Cheshire and surrounding areas. This felt roofing is coated with waterproofing so as to prevent moisture with flat or pitched roofs and is applied in multiple layers for any size job.

In Crewe, felt roofing provides you with choices, and you can choose between the hot- or cold works technique. Hot bitumen is poured while the felt is unrolled along the roof. When this is cooled it acts as an adhesive, sealing and bonding the layers. With small roofs, the torching method is where the felt is heated with a gas torch and no bonding is required. With felt roofing, you want total professionalism so that you don’t end up with a leaking roof. Capital Roofing Centre are roofing experts who give attention to detail whether laying a felt roof using hot or cold applied methods.

With felt roofing in Crewe, regardless of your roofing requirements, you get professional roofers who know roof tiles, slates, guttering and sky lights like the back of their hands when you go to Capital Roofing Centre. There is a huge amount of effort that goes into felt roofing, which comes in different weights, with the more common weight being 15lb. The Capital Roofing team is equipped with all the skills needed to get the job done right. These experts know exactly which materials to use so as to guarantee superb protection against the elements. As felt roofing product providers, this skilled team can also offer exceptional roofing advice, services and products to ensure your roof is beautiful and protected through all the different seasons. For expert felt roofing work, contact Capital Roofing Centre.